My Polyvore Wish List Wednesday: Get Outdoor Ready!

This weeks Wednesday wish list is all about your outdoor areas. If you don’t have spring fever by now, you’re not alive. It’s time to start thinking about dressing up your outdoor rooms with fun colorful cushions, pillows and much more!

Outdoor cushions, pillows
Get Outdoor Ready with Outdoor cushions, pillows and outdoor furnishings


Start off with this Palecek Spa Daybed which will add the much needed relaxation you deserve. Accessories that add pop to your space is a must this spring and summer, and these are no exception. I went with a color theme of corals, reds and aqua for a beachy vibe to this polyvore creation.

Looking for great outdoor fabrics? Shop with us! Our residential site, Cushion Source or our To the Trade site, Designer Custom Source have an array of fabrics and custom cushions, pillows, draperies and umbrellas to choose from. Our seasoned workrooms make custom home soft goods that will fit in any area of the home! Visit us today!


polyvore product
Here’s some of the items displayed for purchase on polyvore

My Polyvore Wish List Wednesday: A New York State of Mind

I was definitely in a New York State of mind when I created this week’s Wish List Wednesday polyvore design board. It’s all about the big city. A city has much to offer in culture and art. Whether it’s the urban skyline or the close quarters of shops and restaurants, the city has a reputation to live up to in the way of great style and costly dwellings. So if you have a little extra cash to splurge, why not use it on some of these chic snazzy items?

My Polyvore Wishlist Wednesday
My Polyvore Wishlist Wednesday:New York State of Mind

Start off your big city room with these two 1950s Melchiorre Bega yellow Italian armchairs and this Flash Circle coffee table. This highly reflective surface has a bronze mirrored glass top and a brass plated steel base which will add the high sheen glamor of a metropolis. Another must have in urbanizing your space is amazing inspirational lighting. This gorgeous Links Electroplated gold chandelier would be an amazing addition to a loft or apartment. It shouts old Hollywood! The stunning gold rings draped from its luxurious black shade will give a the drama you need. Soft and cozy to the touch is this Gold Sparrow Charcoal area rug from A perfect luxury textile that contributes to the mod feel of a downtown room.

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How to Create an Outdoor Oasis at Home

You may be fortunate enough to already have a covered porch area or deck that can be utilized as an outdoor space. If not, don’t panic. Creating an outdoor room is easy. The only thing you’ll have to keep in mind is what type of retreat you are looking to create. Many of us want a room where family and friends can gather. Others may want a space that is more intimate and cozy. Either way, you will need an area that offers you a bit of shelter – a place to relax and bring a little staycation to your life.

1. Define an Outdoor Area
A back porch is ideal for an instant outdoor oasis, however, almost any flat area will help build a foundation for a great outdoor area. Why not go the extra mile and purchase stone or lay a concrete slab to the size you’re comfortable with to really help define the area? You can even build a pergola or install an awning as a sheltered space over a back patio or deck that you can enjoy for years to come. Investing in your home will not only raise your property value, but it will give you a better quality of life… which is priceless.

2. Create a Focal Point
After your outdoor space is defined you will want to build your room around a focal point. This can be a view of a water fixture, pool, fire place, or just a pretty coffee table decorated with beautiful flowers and candles. A focal area allows your mind to relax and gives you a chance to unwind. In smaller spaces you may want to place things from inside your home that help bring personality to an area that is barren. A potted plant or tree will help give some natural visual interest in areas like the city where space and nature’s beauty are hard to come by.

3. Seating Your Space
When designing your conversation area, make sure to focus on how many people your space will allow. Enough seating can be a problem in smaller spaces, but you have to be realistic. Providing a comfortable landing area will be inviting to many people. Just make sure that you will have enough space for you and your guests to move around comfortably. If you are not sure how to place your furniture, think about a traditional sitting room area and try to resemble this straightforward and uncomplicated look. A simple coffee table, chairs, and sofa set is an obvious and classic, or you can face furnishings towards your focal point to enjoy the view. Outdoor furniture such as teak, aluminum, or all-weather wicker are ideal and durable furnishings. Need more seating? Use fold-out chairs and poufs that can be easily stored away, to pull out of closets for larger crowds.

4. Create Shade and Shelter
As your outdoor space starts coming together, you may want to consider adding an umbrella, outdoor draperies, or a sun shade of some sort. Depending on the area of the house and whether you have natural shading from trees, the sun may be a factor. Patio umbrellas are a quick and inexpensive way to add instant shade. These come in all shapes and sizes depending on the application. Outdoor draperies are another option for enclosing an outdoor area. Sunbrella and Outdura offer great fabric selections that will withstand the elements. Draperies also add so much drama and ambiance to a room. Your guests will love the warmth they create on a fall or spring evening.


5. A Comfy Landing

Out of all the accessories that you can spend money on, don’t be too frugal when it comes to buying cushions and pillows. These items need to be made to withstand the ever-changing weather. Custom outdoor cushions come with great fabric choices and fill options that are all-weather, hardy materials. From solution-dyed acrylics with a five-year, no-fade warranty to poly fiber cumulus that doesn’t hold water, these cushions are designed for the outdoors. At Designer Custom Source, we pride ourselves in making these custom cushions here in the USA!


6. Cozy Up with Accessories
As you see your retreat start to form you will begin to see where accessories can really enhance and cozy up the room. Your cushions are a great foundation but you will want to go further by adding throw pillows, rugs, blankets and other items that will bring the homeyness to your room. Potted plants in containers or fresh flowers will provide life and nature to your outdoor rooms, especially if you live in an apartment in the city. These small touches complete the space and help your dream oasis to come to life.

Runway to Rooms: Spring Flare

This week’s Runway to Rooms is all about adding flare to your spaces. Whether it’s the flare of a skirt on a skater dress or a flare back seat on a Dylan Caribbean accent chair; let the shape and style of the runway influence your fun indoor spaces this spring. This charming pallet will be fresh and sparkly in rooms with lots of natural sunlight. Remember to choose warmer yellows and cooler aqua’s on your color wheel for this gorgeous combination in rooms and in your closet. We are loving this tufted settee made with our very own Robert Allen Vintage Blossom Citrine! ♥

polyvore style board
Spring Flare-Polyvore board Runway to Rooms by anita-winter-539

Add a flange pillow in this deep corn yellow. Great on a cream sofa set for a pop and boldness of color.

Premier Prints Sydney Corn Yellow/Slub
Premier Prints Sydney Corn Yellow/Slub Flange Pillow

Robert Allen Multi Loop Pool is a modern fabric that will certainly spring forward your spaces. Try it in covered porch areas, kitchens and sun-rooms of the home.

Robert Allen Multi Loop
Robert Allen Multi Loop pool fabric on chair cushion

Deep Seating cushions are a great way to make your cold hardwood sofa sets soft and more inviting. Highland Taylor’s Florence Lemon Zest is a perfect marriage of color for this spring. Pair it with honey stained wood for a warm cozy area to rest your feet.

Highland Taylor Florence lemon zest
Highland Taylor Florence Lemon Zest deep seating sofa set

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Fab Fabric Friday: Sassy and Simple Stripes

This weeks Fab Fabric Friday are all about stripes. Stripes are a great way to add visual interest to a particular furnishing or wall. Wide, thin or wavy; striped fabrics are versatile and create beautiful lines on furniture, cushions, draperies and pillows. I wanted to create a modern English cottage room using simple stripes, pretty burlap and linen textures with a color scheme of red clay and washed blue.

Sassy Simple Stripes polyvore board
Created on Polyvore anita-winter-539

Try a bold thick stripe to show modern contemporary design in your indoor or outdoor area. This flanged lumbar outdoor pillow is made with  Sunbrella Maxim Heather Beige fabric. It has a soft hand and is made of 100% solution dyed acrylic material – a fabric technology that resists fading and staining for five years. An eye catching look in any outdoor space, living room or bedroom.

Sunbrella Maxim Heather Beige
Designer Flange Lumbar pillow made with Sunbrella Maxim Heather Beige fabric


Sunbrella Rhythm Riviera tri-panel bolster gives a nod to nautical and coastal design. Its washed blue denim stripes and deep navy stitching really looks classic and chic paired with the Sunbrella White fabric. Pair this with Sunbrella Luxury Denim for a light and airy sun-room or outdoor deck area.

Tri Panel Bolster made wih Sunbrella
Designer Tri Panel Bolster made with Sunbrella Rhythm Riviera and Sunbrella White fabric

Texture and stripe go hand in hand on this duvet pillow. Sunbrella Voltage Sparrow simulates the texture of burlap, but with a super soft feel. This beige fabric features intermittent stripes of rust and cocoa to add extra visual interest. Sunbrella Voyage Sparrow has a organic look and pairing this with traditional Sunbrella Dupione Stone gives such hardiness and depth to this pillow.


custom duvet with sunbrella voyage sparrow, dupione stone and linen straw fabric
Designer Custom Duvet pillow with Sunbrella Voyage Sparrow(main), Sunbrella Dupione Stone (flap) and Sunbrella Linen Straw fabric (buttons)

Highland Taylor Stria Lemon Zest is a 55% linen and 45% cotton woven fabric. This classic flax linen is a creamy ivory solid with wheat and soft gray stripes on a coarse textured fabric. It has an organic and natural coloring which makes it a lovely choice for English cottage and French country room designs.


Highland taylor Stria lemon zest
Highland Taylor Stria Lemon Zest

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How to Choose the Best Fill Type for Your Outdoor Cushions

As spring gets closer, we begin to think about the warm days ahead. The problem is that we may have outdoor areas of our home that need to be updated and given a bit of love after the long winter months. What better way to dress up your outdoor furniture and hardscapes than with custom cushions? There are different climates and different temperatures all over the United States. From the humidity of Florida to the dry parched air of Arizona, where your cushions live will make a difference in what type of cushion fill you will require in order to provide the look and shelf-life you want for an overall good investment.

If you are planning to put your cushions outdoors under a pergola, poolside, or any other exposed area, you will definitely want to start with an outdoor Polyfiber fill. Designer Custom Source carries a couple of options for outdoor fill that require the least amount of maintenance.

Our Standard Polyfiber is our inexpensive fill made with a special blend of non-allergic, multi-layered polyester fibers. This is an ideal choice for homeowners and clients that want their outdoor area to have a little bit of comfort, style, and color to update their outdoor furniture. Standard Polyfiber fill is designed to be non-absorbent and mildew resistant, which also allows for no saturation during a heavy downpour. Water will flow right through the cushion and drain and dry quickly for “no” to “low” maintenance.

DCS standard polyfiber fill
DCS Standard Polyfiber fill

Another low-maintenance option is our Deluxe Polyfiber. This is similar to our Standard Polyfiber with the added plus of a plush polyester batting on top and bottom, which helps to create a crowned and fuller cushion. Both Standard and Deluxe Polyfiber fill are ideal for outdoor chaise lounge cushions, steamer cushions, bench cushions, or any other outdoor furniture piece.

Deluxe polyfiber fill
DCS Deluxe Polyfiber fill

Our Standard Foam and Deluxe Foam are the next options for your outdoor fill. These come with a higher rating in comfort and retention compared to polyfiber fill. We do recommend that you choose foam for indoor use only, although, if you are planning to create cushions less than 4 inches thick, we certainly advocate using foam in protected outdoor areas.

The difference is how the foam drains. Foam will take longer for water to drain through it, so we propose to unzip your cushion cover and turn the cushion on its side to fully drain any evidence of water or moisture. This will help fight against mold or mildew growth. The same advice goes for the Deluxe Foam, which has polyester batting on the top and bottom for a fuller and crowned look. We love Standard and Deluxe Foam fill on benches, chair seats, chaise loungers, and window seat areas.
standard foam fill
DCS Standard Foam fill
DCS deluxe foam fill
DCS Deluxe Foam fill
If you are looking for the ultimate comfort in outdoor cushions, you will love our Optimal Comfort fill. This cushion fill gets a five-star rating in comfort, retention, and drainage. This gives you the sofa comfort you’ve been looking for. Made of fire-retardant, resilient upholstery flat style foam, plus a 1-inch memory gel swirl foam on top and bottom, with 1 oz. plush polyester batting wrap on top, bottom, and front.
This five-layer comfort delight is then enclosed in a water-resistant boxed ticking with zipper for the highest quality outdoor and indoor cushion on the market today. Since Optimal Comfort is enclosed in a weather-resistant ticking, this fill will stay dry unless there is a heavy downpour, which could saturate the cushion. When this happens, we recommend unzipping the outer cover and inner cover and laying it on its side for thorough draining. This will help fight against further mold or mildew growth. We also advocate that you choose an outdoor solution-dyed acrylic fabric such as Sunbrella or Outdura to give you a longer lasting outdoor cushion. We love Optimal Comfort on deep seating chairs, built-in custom bench seating areas, and sofa seating.
optimal comfort fill
DCS Optimal Comfort fill

Runway to Rooms: Teal and Red

Today’s Runway to Rooms is all about teal and red combinations. These colors are reminiscent of the color schemes in many Mid-Century modern room designs in the 1950s. This Alice+Olivia lace a-line dress and Charlotte Olympia satin party shoes are ready for an evening out, inspiring the teal velvet Ramsey Sofa and the beautiful Samarkand Sprig beige scatter laced pillows. But we can’t forget these bright accessories which help to complete both looks; like the Dwell Studio ulysses pendant lighting and the red leather Saint Laurent monogrammed clutch. Hot tin roof red and sock hop teal work together to provide, not only a great statement to an outfit, but help create a gorgeous room.

Runway to Rooms my polyvore
Runway to Rooms: Teal and Red – Created on Polyvore by anita-winter-539


There’s no other way to describe this opulent dining room than simply stunning. I have a love for Asian design, and this gem of a room is just beyond beautiful. The rich, ornate wallpaper of gold and red combined with the deepest teal velvet draperies and accents of black is divine. This eclectic pairing of the modern wing back chair and traditional redwood dining table shows that not every piece of furniture has to be of the same time period to work in a space. In my opinion, the painted ceiling just seals the deal.

This Australian designer wasn’t afraid to go big on color. Not everyone wants to go bold and bright in a kitchen, but when somebody isn’t afraid of color, it really makes your heart sing to see it welcomed with open arms. The chairs are painted a color called “Adams Red” by an Australian paint brand Taubmans. The teal tiled back splash in combination with the faux glaze paint finish is such an unexpected twist. Of course, the pop of gold in the light fixtures and red bar stools just gives a perfect balance to the light wooden cabinets.

Want to add these colors to your living space without breaking the bank? Start with these lovely teal and red pillow fabrics from Robert Allen. Throw pillows are a great way to add some newness to sofas, chairs, beds, and window seats in interior rooms!

Spring Mix Poppy
Throw pillow made with Robert Allen Spring Mix Poppy


Robert Allen Bright Floral Fuchsia
Throw pillow made with Robert Allen Bright Floral Fuchsia


robert allen fabrics
Throw pillow made with Robert Allen Pure Petal Pomegranate

My Polyvore Wish List Wednesday: Amour

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I thought I would put together a ♥LOVE room inspired by the most romantic language of all, Le Francais. This was spontaneously created from the heart. Rich purples, reds, and small touches of traditional pink and gold have brought this room to life. The Armen Living barrister loveseat in this royal shade of purple was an unexpected choice. Its beautiful velvet fabric and diamond tufting helps bring the romance. The red velvet tub chair is a spectacular combination with the red Bordeaux light arc floor lamp. Of course, the finishing embellishments of soft roses and ruffled pillows fill the room with amour!

Polyvore design board
Polyvore board called Amour – created by anita-winter-539


Love this room? Check out my Polyvore set and find out where to buy these items!


Fab Fabric Friday: Luxurious Velvet

Today’s Fab Fabric Friday is all about soft, luxurious velvet. Once labeled the “Royal Cloth,” velvet became a symbol of wealth in Europe and was admired by kings and queens after being introduced to its unique fabric qualities by early crusaders returning from the Middle East. The creation of velvet requires fabric to be woven in such a way that it creates small, densely packed fibers that stand up from the cloth. What’s interesting about velvet, is that it can be made from all sorts of base materials. Silk velvet has the softest hand compared to a polyester or cotton velvet, which makes it ideal for clothing.

velvet fabrics from Robert Allen and Highland Taylor
Robert Allen and Famous Maker Highland Taylor velvet fabrics

Its durability also depends on what type of base fabric is used. It’s recommended that you use a cotton or polyester-based velvet fabric for upholstered cushions, draperies, and other areas of the home that need a reliable, long-lasting material to deal with unpredictable elements of the home. The true beauty of velvet is found in the amazing hand and style it provides to furnishings and soft goods. It has an expensive quality that not many fabrics can denote at first impression. Designer Custom Source carries several colorways and styles of velvets that will accentuate any client’s home. Above are just a few examples of what we offer online at DCS!

1. Chair cushion made with Robert Allen Neo Stripe Lagoon

2. Designer custom shirred bolster pillow made with Robert Allen Velvet Geo Turquoise and Highland Taylor Micro-fiber Velvet Bisque trim

3. Velvet seater sofa from via polyvore

4. Window seat cushion with buttons made with Highland Taylor Velvet Plum and Highland Taylor Micro-fiber Velvet Bisque trim

5. Designer custom lumbar pillow with flange made with Robert Allen Velvet Geo Magenta

6. Designer custom sunburst pillow with button made with Highland Taylor Velvet Turquoise and Highland Taylor Velvet Plum button and trim

7. Designer custom duvet pillow with buttons made with Robert Allen Velvet Geo Terrain and Highland Taylor Micro-fiber Velvet Bisque flap and Highland Taylor Velvet Chocolate

8. Famous Maker Highland Taylor fabric swatches


My Polyvore Wish List Wednesday: Wintery Fairy Dust

This week’s wish list Wednesday is a pale muted pallet inspired by the cool winter and stark beauty of bare trees and land in this frigid month of January. As I was creating this modern Victorian cottage design board, I fell in love with the Rylan tufted upholstered couch in this shade of Taranto Dove. It’s soft gray motivated the antique pinks and gold filigree of a Victorian home.

 polyvore board
Fairy Dust polyvore board created by anita-winter-539

Of course I couldn’t forget to add a touch of warmth with these fun modern Mongolian lamb faux fur bolsters, and the silver leather pillow from Pfiefer Studio, help to bring the icy bling to this modern wintery fairy dust fantasy room. Enjoy the season and stay cozy!

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