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6 Home Trends You Can’t Do Without

By Anita Winter ~ It’s that time again. Time to gaze into the crystal ball to see where our home decor will be heading in 2016. It seems that there are some obvious trends, but we have a few new surprises that are fabulous and very dramatic. Here are six that you can’t do without.

2016 Home Trends
We’ve been talking a lot about texture lately, but the truth is, it just never gets boring. The more texture you have in a room, the more lush it appears.
The textured eye candy is incredible in this room below! I am loving the chunky yarn scaldino and chic tufted headboard. Using neutral palettes in a space is a great way of showing how texture can add dimension and depth rather than relying on color.
Florals are still popping in rooms. The softness and femininity they create is lovely in any area of the home. I especially love the modern use of this floral on the outside of these chairs, as well as  a splash of floral on the lumbar pillows. It gives these traditional Victorian chairs such a contemporary vibe. Not to mention this adorable mirrored side table, which helps bring this room into the 21st Century.
Dramatic Walls
Yes, dark colored, rich walls are in! The deep, dark walls seem almost taboo, but the key to making these midnight charcoal walls work in this space is the use of light on dark. Create a contrast by placing light, airy furnishings and accessories to make the best use of these walls. Deep navy and forest green are trending for wall color. The idea that darker walls make a room look smaller is not always the case. Be selective where you place these rich tones so you don’t feel like you are entering a dark cave. (Unless that’s what you’re going for.)
Pale pink and pink beige are on the rise and a definite nod to the ’80s. These pink tones are showing up in lots of accessories and furnishings. I just love the delicacy it provides to rooms.


Blue is not going anywhere. It truly has become the new neutral in home decor. I think it’s because so many things go with blue. These deep dark sea walls (below) look stunning paired with these bright white furnishings.

Blue was the big color story this past High Point Market. It continues to grow in outdoor fabric choices as well. Look for even more shades of blue this fall and next.


People may have a hard time getting used to gold on hardware and faucets, but it’s a luxury material that looks amazing any and everywhere. The room below gives a glimpse into Art Deco with its fancy screen room dividers and ostentatious lighting above. Overall, this room is quite chic and well balanced. I don’t see a lot of gold overkill, which is a good thing.

Well, there you have it. Six awesome ideas to get your rooms moving forward into trend setting mode. Incorporate any of these looks and colors to your spaces and you will be right on target for next year!

We Welcome 100+ Outdura Ovation Performance Fabrics – Made in USA

By Melinda Merijanian.  Designer Custom Source is pleased to showcase all 113 performance fabrics from the Sattler Corp. Outdura Ovation Collection. This collection of sun-loving fabrics  showcases coordinated color palettes with plain, dobby, and textured weaves.


Outdura Ovation stripes in Cafe, Zest, Sisal, Driftwood, Waterworks, Boathouse, Apple Green, Forever Green, Candycane, Platinum, and Checkerboard.

Steeped in 140 years of history, the Sattler Group was founded in 1875.  It is an impressive family-run, fifth-generation, award-winning company headquartered in Graz, Austria. A member of the international Sattler Group; Sattler Corp. headquarters  are based out of Hudson, North Carolina. Although Sattler’s Outdura brand is only 13 years old, just like the next generation, it has the historical advantage.


What makes these fabrics so inviting for commercial and residential soft goods?

Take a look at all the features and benefits that come with these attractive and understandable fabrics. 100% solution-dyed acrylic * Ultra-high UV for long-lasting color and strength * 5-year warranty * High-abrasion resistance  with 25,000 – 60,000 double rubs * Water and stain resistant * Bleach cleanable * Resists mildew and rot * Trend right colors with cutting edge designs * 100% made in America

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I hope you agree that it doesn’t get any better. Beautiful, functional, American-made fabrics for your custom cushions, pillows, drapes, and bedding made right here in our American workrooms.

Made in USA from DCS page



All photography by Melinda Merijanian, except where noted.

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Runway to Rooms: The Stripe Hype

By Anita Winter ~ This week’s Runway to Rooms is all about bold, classic  stripes. Whether you are a Coco Chanel enthusiast or just a lover of menswear, stripes are still a traditional pattern that will always give a visual punch to home decorating and clothing. As Chanel once said,“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” We feel the same way when it comes to our soft goods. If our products don’t provide style and comfort, we’ve not done our job.

The stripe hype
Vertical striped skirts, tops and more are still in season and are eminent for fall, but don’t forgot your outdoor and indoor rooms are reflections of your style as well. A great start to an outdoor area is some fashionable sun protection!
With all the harsh, damaging rays of the sun and the threat of skin cancer, try a perfectly adorable striped umbrella to protect your delicate skin and give an epic style award to your outdoor area. This bold umbrella is made with Outdura Bigsur Checkerboard Awning fabric, which comes with a 6-year warranty against fading and loss of strength.
This is one of our custom Commercial Square Market Umbrella frames from Designer Custom Source. Your clients will enjoy how easy it is to customize their umbrella to suit any outdoor area – residential or commercial. We have a great assortment of colored solids and stripes to choose from, all made with solution dyed acrylic for water, stain, and fade-resistant qualities.
Outdura Bigsur Checkerboard Awning fabric

6.5 ft Commercial Square Market Umbrella Aluminum pole with fiberglass made with Outdura Bigsur Checkerboard Awning fabric

We love Houzz. It’s not only a great resource for personal designers, architects, and landscapers in your area, but it has amazing photos to inspire you and your home. These striped chair covers in black and white are so unbelievably chic. A definite trend is railroading stripes on sofa sets, pillows, and draperies. This gives an entirely different look to rooms. Most will run stripes vertically to give height to a room, while others will run horizontal stripes to help widen a room.

Outdoor and indoor stripes for the home are easy to find at DCS. We have more than 250 striped fabrics you will love. Below are just a few of what we carry. From top to bottom, we have Al Fresco Cabana Stripe Stone, Premier Prints Vertical Black/White, Al Fresco Cabana Stripe Lime, Sunbrella Maxim Cocoa, and Al Fresco Cabana Stripe Dune
striped fabrics

Outdoor and indoor stripes for the home – (top to bottom) Al Fresco Cabana Stripe Stone, Premier Prints Vertical Black/White, Al Fresco Cabana Stripe Lime, Sunbrella Maxim Cocoa, and Al Fresco Cabana Stripe Dune

RA Open Air fabrics

How Pattern, Texture, and Color Work in a Room

By Anita Winter ~ Pattern mixing is something that most people try to avoid when it comes to design because it can be quite intimidating. Mixing texture and color on top of it just seems overwhelming. The number one helpful tip is to center on a themed room. By focusing on the final look and goal of the space, this will naturally allow you to be successful at incorporating pattern, texture, and color.

Modern Romance


Before you go out and randomly start shopping for furnishings and other items for a room, decide what theme you are going for. Giving a theme to your space, such as beach bungalow, shabby chic, or modern traditional, will help keep you focused on specific pieces you will need for your space. Too many times people go into a consignment shop or furniture store and find things that they like but may not work together for the common goal of the New French country theme they were originally going for. Having a theme keeps your mind focused on the end result. You will also notice that you will naturally integrate different patterns, colors, and textures together with much more ease.


After you have chosen your theme, you will want to choose a color palette you love. Color is an extension of what mood you want to convey. This is the time to think about what colors really relax or energize you. Color not only helps unify a room, it also helps create an focal point. The eye is naturally drawn to bright colors or the darkest colors. If you use a neutral pallet with pops of bright color or a monochromatic pallet, remember to involve those colors throughout the rest of the room with smaller accents, such as throw pillows, candles, or vases.

Pattern and Texture

Use pattern and texture to add another element to your room. This often gets overlooked in a space, but it truly is the texture that gives richness by making a room look more expensive and sophisticated rather than boring and flat. Even a space rich in color will feel as if something is missing unless texture and/or pattern play a part in the overall design plan. Use shiny surfaces to reflect light and draw attention to the pattern and color of a piece of furniture or art, while dull rigid textures absorb light yet give depth and lavishness.

Patterns can affect how you see proportion so you should choose complex patterns with lots of colors or business for larger rooms, or just use on one focal area of smaller rooms. Keep in mind that vertical lines add height and horizontal lines add width, and you’ll be amazed how you can change a room size by utilizing a pattern.

Remember that good design infuses color, texture, and pattern to enforce the design concept and theme.

Robert Allen Sunbrella Open Air Outdoor Fabric Launch

By Anita Winter ~ The beauty of Robert Allen and the high performance of Sunbrella collide to create this unique collection called Open Air. Made with 100 percent Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylic yarn, these fabrics provide long-lasting durability, fade and mold resistance, and amazing comfort to outdoor and indoor areas of the home.

Robert Allen Open Air fabrics

New Sunbrella Open Air fabric by Robert Allen

New Robert Allen Open Air Sunbrella collection is an outdoor line of fabrics created by Robert Allen designers. Robert Allen’s inspiration is the lush botanical gardens using unique floral patterns with hues in clear aqua, navy, dew, and coral. These fabrics are hard to ignore. You’ll notice the difference immediately. The hand is soft and the weight is substantial. While these outdoor fabrics are on the costly end of the price scale, they are well worth the value.

open air4

Robert Allen Sunbrella Open Air shown (Top, Left and Right) RA Flowing Petal Turquoise, RA Flowing Petal Coral Reef, and RA Ocean Rope Coral Reef

Open Air was introduced to not only tap into the designer world but to give you a peek into the vibrancy of Sunbrella yarns. Sunbrella has had many designers join them to create their own specialty line, including fashion and interior designers such as Joe Ruggiero and Tommy Bahama. It’s no wonder why Robert Allen’s design team would look into constructing their own collection of all-weather fabrics for the home.

Robert Allen Open Air fabrics

New Robert Allen Sunbrella Open Air fabrics shown (Left to Right) RA Garden Life Dew, RA Tree Bark Hydrangea, RA Flowing Petals Turquoise, and RA Garden Life Spring Grass

open air2

Robert Allen Sunbrella Open Air shown (Left to Right) RA Tree Bark Hydrangea, RA Garden Life Dew, and RA Borgeman Turquoise

Enjoy this new high-performance collection from Robert Allen on cushions, pillows, draperies, and more. Now available on DesignerCustomSource.com and CushionSource.com~ All made in the USA!

Open Air Sunbrella fabrics

New Robert Allen Sunbrella Outdoor/Indoor Open Air fabrics shown RA Rippling Leaf Turquoise