Beachy Interior Themed Spaces

Summertime reminds us that vacation is right around the corner and much needed R and R is beckoning. What better way to relax than to go to the beach, right? However, if you don’t get to enjoy sea and sand often, why not bring the beach to your living spaces? Be inspired this summer to create your own personal seaside abode.

Polyvore board

Start off your beach themed room with color inspirations from the sea and sand. (All products and items from Polyvore)


There is no question that a room of sea green, blue, and sandy beige are calm and soothing tones. I love the play of patterns in this room (below) brought out by the many striped, ikat pillows, and tasseled cushions. The central theme is beachy with cool mid modern white wicker furnishings with custom cushions and a whimsical seahorse credenza for subtle mentions of the sea without going overboard.


Kim Courtney Interiors from houzz

Beach home designed by New York interior designer Kim Courtney

To reenact the colors of the sea in a living space is pretty self explanatory. Although, not everybody knows when to dial it up or down with color. This living room has a spectacular splash of Celosia orange to really give a pop and punch to an otherwise calm serene space. Charleston designs was wise to pick such a vibrant hue to mimic the sea’s coral reef treasures below. Placing just the right amount of these bold items symmetrically on either side of the room provokes balance, harmony, and a well-proportioned room.


Kiawah Beach House from houzz

Beautiful Kiawah beach house living room

The office is often the last place you think to decorate since it typically houses the boring office chair, computer, and obnoxious paperwork. This beach style home office is so much more because it allows for a stream of pretty, natural sunlight, plenty of storage to hide paper work, plus a cool chalk board area on the face of the cabinets to jot down quick reminders. The best part are the  beach trinkets that fill the shelves and add ambiance for a fresh ocean view. The only thing missing is the sound of the crashing waves!
Kellogg Road Residence from Martha O'Hara interiors

Beach designed office by Martha O’Hara Interiors

But that’s not all. Just behind this home office is a darling mudroom area to hang hats, store shoes, and comfortably rest your wet umbrellas and jackets. This clever placement gives true multifunctional use of the office space without sacrificing beautiful design and fashion.

So the next time you are in the mood to vacation at the beach, take time to create your own oasis at home by utilizing all the sights and sounds of the seashore. Bon Voyage!

beach styled office and mudroom space

Beach styled office and mudroom space by Martha O’Hara Interiors


Marrying Rooms for Two

Saying “I Do” is a new step into the  future for many young couples. Planning the ceremony and honeymoon can be a stressful time, as well as working out your plans to move into your new abode. Although it’s an exciting time becoming “one,” it can be difficult joining your decorating styles as man and wife. Masculine versus feminine is a struggle that many new couples encounter after they tie the knot. But there are simple solutions to bring design harmony to a space.

custom bedding
Mix Dark and Light
Let’s face it, men usually go for darker and harder looks in design, such as dark leather, metals, and worn rugged “man cave” pieces. Women look  for pretty, soft, and whimsy items, such as pastel linen and cottons, colorful floral arrangements, and romantic lighting.  They can both work together. You just need to know when to draw the line so that there is a harmonious space that offers the best of both worlds. The diagram below shows one way to compromise on furniture and accessories so neither man nor wife are disappointed.
his and her styles

Marrying his and her decorating styles after tying the knot.

Here’s a great example of a living room interior that is a modern blend of feminine and masculine. The black walls with bright white molding is an eye-popping contrast that really works for this space because of the enormous amount of natural lighting. Modern traditional furnishings are always a good compromise when you are looking to please both sexes.  But it’s the small addition of a curvy sofa table, cool chevron throw pillows, and flowers that stop the room from becoming overwhelmingly masculine. The dark and light hues help to balance out the space.


masculine and feminine living space
Soft versus Hard
Soft and hard combinations is always a fool proof way to create a room filled with a couple in mind. This dining room area shows such rustic and unique finds, as well as contemporary nudges. From the steel edges of the of the table to the beveled glass island light, this dining room has all the hints of a man’s touch. The wall art of photos are laid out in a grid pattern that brings interest to the dark walls. But my favorite parts of this dining area are all the sweet “girlie” additions of pillows, candles, and flowers that make up a gorgeous tablescape. These items are what soften up the tough, heavy furnishings.
Dining Room

As you join together as man and wife remember to always consider your new home as a place to grow in love and respect for one another. My advice to those who will be taking the plunge soon is to love the pool you’re diving into! A great space is one that you love!

Create a Room Through a Child’s Imagination

chidren's rooms on houzz

Home decorating is a fun job for interior designers, unless you are working with the pickiest of clients, which is not always the best experience. But what if your client were a child? As we know, most kids have wild imaginations and love to explore their ideas with every pillow, blanket, and stuffed animal they can find around the house. Whether they build a fort with blankets and sheets or create a tower of pillows stacked so high they lean like the tower of Pisa, children love to dream up great ideas. We’ve seen many children’s rooms transformed on HGTV and other home improvement channels, so we thought we would share a few more clever spaces.

Smith Firestone & Associates created an aviator’s dream room. This is a spectacular example of using every inch of space to let your child’s vision become as realistic as possible. Wall murals are an amazing way to capture the scenery of the theme for your client’s space.

kid's rooms on houzz
Premier Print Fabrics

Need an Aviator themed room? Premier Prints Fabrics are a great kid’s room choice! (clockwise) Vintage Air, Hopscotch, and Alphabet in Mandarin/Natural



What child doesn’t like Legos? We LOVE the Lego cushions! Very clever. The primary colors in this room bounce off the stark white walls nicely and the overall function of this space receives an A+! The chalk board and cool Lego drawers are great for kids’ clothes and toy storage, as well motivating creative play time.


lego kids room on houzz
Kids indoor fabrics

Go primary color! Mix your prints. (clockwise) Premier Prints Zig Zag Lipstick White, RA Latticescape Onyx, Highland Taylor Inspiration, RA Slubbed Weave Lacquer and Highland Taylor Global


Yet another Traditional Kids picture from Wendi Young Design. Any boy would love to sleep in a cool race car! The draperies and valances are adorable, not to mention the clever gas pump bubble gum vending machine. Yum!


automobile themed room for kids on houzz
blue and green boys bedroom fabrics

Premier Print Fabrics automobile themed room. (clockwise)Hopscotch, Wheelie, Retro Rides in Felix/Natural


This subtle princess room is the perfect spot for a girl that loves Barbie, Cinderella, and PINK! So feminine, yet not an overwhelming amount of frills. The mini loveseat at the end of the bed is the perfect little girl touch.


pink girl's bedroom on houzz
Designer Custom Source has created an amazing array of unique custom cushion, pillow, and drapery designs for our designers, so we thought we would challenge ourselves and your imaginations. Tell us about your clients’ kids’ dream rooms on our Facebook page! Let us help make their imagination a reality!
Need inspiration? Try Olio Boards. Let your client play and discover what ideas and inspirations they have!
Olio Boards

Olio Boards are a great way to have your clients dream up their perfect space.

Runway to Rooms: Orange Crush

Recently I’ve noticed that orange has occupied a more prominent role in clothing, makeup, and décor trends. It has been a huge hit on the runway via vivid clothing pieces and distinctive lipsticks. Why shouldn’t orange be the standout color of spring and summer? Orange is a lively hue, warm and energetic. Orange is positive, evoking happiness and creativity. Orange is bright, eye-catching, and easily seen. And no other word in the English language rhymes with orange. This is a truly unique color.
DCS Orange
Believe it or not, orange can look good on anyone as long as the right shade is selected. The same principle can be applied to the home. Because it blends sophisticated red with cheerful yellow, orange is an ideal color for home décor. By choosing the right orange for your décor, you can transform a cold space into a welcoming environment. I found a few images displaying ways that orange can be used in the home.

For my first image, I found a bedroom with an eclectic fusion of styles that merge together to produce an intriguing room. The room features traditional Asian designs that are paired beautifully with modern and trendy touches in vibrant orange. The splash of orange of the accent wall and ikat throw pillows gives life to what could be seen as an otherwise lackluster room.

Eclectic Orange Room

The next image shows a transitional living room with orange accents via throw pillows, ottomans, and window seating. The orange used in this room is not overpowering; however, it used strategically, balancing out the blue of the built-ins, walls, and rug. By adding orange, an inviting living space is developed.

Orange and Blue Room

Orange can also be used in traditional style as well. Traditional décor can occasionally be seen as bland, but by adding a lighter shade of orange, you can create exceptional warmth within the room. The yellow-orange hue in the final image is not overwhelming; rather it flows seamlessly alongside the neutral palette.

Traditional Orange Room

Don’t be afraid to use orange in your home. Remember, as long as you have the perfect shade, you can create a striking space.

Who’s counting? When it comes to fabrics, we are!

What a thrill over the past few years to create and develop custom products! My growing list includes specialty pillows, designer umbrellas, bedding, Optimal Comfort cushion fill, Christmas, soft table top and more. During the past few months, my focus has been fostering the growth and assortment of our online fabric offering.

Destination: 1,400 Fabrics

chess players

The magical queen

What’s in a number? Well, I recently discovered that the magical number 1,400 relates to the arrangement of queens on a 4×10 chessboard.  So, as luck would have it, we reign queen with 1,400 fabrics, and it is our designation as the most powerful player in the game to lure you into our vibrant and ever-growing fabric gallery.

The resource focus includes Sunbrella, Robert Allen, Premier Prints, and Famous Makers for our private label brand, Highland Taylor.

Sunbrella 2014-2015 Upholstery Fabrics

Sunbrella 2014-2015 Upholstery Fabrics [PhotoCredit -]

For your viewing and purchasing pleasure, the entire collection from the 2014-2015 Sunbrella Upholstery Fabrics big book is available, as well as a reintroduction of the Sunbrella Legacy Collection consisting of 59 semi-exclusive, online-only industry favorites.  A customer favorite is shown below in Sunbrella Bangladesh Stratosphere.

Sunbrella Bangladesh Stratosphere A semi-exclusive online only Legacy fabric

Sunbrella Bangladesh Stratosphere
A semi-exclusive, online-only Legacy fabric

With more than 500 fabric additions from the above-mentioned fabric houses in the past few months, we certainly hope to have just what you are looking for. We, of course, will always accept your own material (COM), but we tempt you to take a look at our newness. Added depth and color in velvet and chenille are sure to inspire, as well as added color in durable denim, fresh indoor solid linens, and cotton prints. And the seamless indoor/outdoor Sunbrella solution-dyed acrylics will undoubtedly tug at your creative heart-strings!

Look further in our online gallery for optimal fabric collections, making it a bit easier to create a well-coordinated space.

How to acquire these jewels? Visit our Fabric Gallery! Use the All Brands menu select a vendor and the Sort By menu to view by release date.

Robert Allen new fabrics

Spring 2014 – New fabrics from Robert Allen

Playing favorites? Here are a few of mine!

Shown below is Iris from the Robert Allen color library. Unforgivably female and soft, Iris is the most inspiring, lovably regal color palette with a beautiful nod to the well-loved garden bloom, as well as the Pantone 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid.

Robert Allen Iris -  from left to right; Weberville, Backspin, Deco Inspire, Myers Journey, Tranquil Flower and Misty Floral

Robert Allen Iris – from left to right; Weberville, Backspin, Deco Inspire, Myers Journey, Tranquil Flower, and Misty Floral

From Sunbrella: Green-friendly with a worldwide presence. I love the crisp, nautical look of Luxe Indigo, which may provide a comfortable spot for your next  friendly game of chess.

Comfort and peace of mind ~ inside and out

Sunbrella Luxe Indigo – Comfort and peace of mind ~ inside and out! [Photo Credit -]

For Famous Maker for Highland Taylor, the lure of private label, whether in retail or e-tail, has always proven a mystery for me. This story, as enigmatic as a queen’s court, reads well with page after page of beauties. The cheery shades of yellow spoke to my heart after this long winter, as it may yours!

Fabricut Lemon Zest - March 2014

Lemon Zest – As pretty as the queen’s court!

For even more adventures, we jumped into a dreamy land of floor pillows for your prince or princess’s room with magical cottons from Premier Prints.

Premier Prints Gemstone Coastal

Premier Prints Gemstone Coastal

Premier Prints floor pillow shown in Isadella Salmon Slub

Premier Prints Isadella Salmon Slub

Premier Prints Scribble Coral White

Premier Prints Scribble Coral White

So now you know our fabric story. The queen is in your court, and it’s your move…

Visit Designer Custom Source for custom cushions, pillows, draperies, bedding, soft table top, umbrellas, and 1,400 beautiful fabrics!

Outdoor Draperies: Creative Ways to Shade Your Space

Get ready for the spring and summer months with stylish and functional outdoor drapes. Creating an oasis of fun, comfort, style and functionality is easy with draperies because they are multifaceted. Not only do they add visual height and ambiance to hardscapes, such as, porches, gazebos and lanais, but they provide protection from the sun’s harsh rays and offer privacy to the home.

Outdoor Drapes Create Outdoor Rooms

Drapes create instant rooms on porch areas. This outdoor patio corner (above) is adorned with pretty solid canvas white and canvas teal draperies from Sunbrella. Grommet draperies set on simple PVC pipes look sleek and modern. The simple combination of bold hues against a stark white backdrop of paint and accessories shows up fresh and sophisticated. The Moroccan-styled lamps are a great finishing touch. “The client wanted a very usable space that could be used at night or during the day. At night, the lanterns cast a beautiful design on the solid fabrics creating a beautiful light mosaic,” said designer Carole Carr.

Back patios are another opportunity for draperies to help design a large outdoor room. Place drapes on columns, pillars and inside porch roofs to visually help create walls. Add seating areas much like you would a living space. Outdoor furniture with cushions offers a great lounging experience while conversing with family and friends.

These gems of rich, saturated blue and green palettes are an eye-catching breath of fresh air added to draperies, cushions and pillows. This photo is from designer Laura U’s South Hampton Moroccan room design. These colors flow throughout the space and are a great complement to the arch stucco breeze way.

Functioning Outdoor Drapes

This is a good example how to hang your of outdoor draperies on a roofed porch area. These flat top draperies are placed on bronze drapery rods, which really tie in the dark wood beams and entry doors. Tie backs are truly a necessary item for draperies because they allow more functionality. Leave your outdoor drapes tied back for lots of light and openness or leave them loose and closed for private, more intimate evening gatherings. Either way, you create a beautiful outdoor room with loads of personality and functionality.

Outdoor Drapery Fabrics

When you are trying to decide on the finest fabrics to use outdoors, Sunbrella is the best-known brand on the market. Sunbrella fabrics are made from 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic yarns. Solution dying is the method of adding color to acrylic fibers during manufacturing while they are still in a liquid state. This characteristic of Sunbrella fabrics is the key to locking in color, easy cleaning and long life. Plus, they come with a five-year warranty against fading and loss of strength, which makes them the ideal choice for outdoor draperies. Whatever area you are looking to dress up with draperies, your color choices are endless.

If luxury outdoor draperies were not enough, adding sheets of scalloped fabrics on top for a cabana feel is even better. These (below) provide great heat and sun barriers without compromising beauty; a perfect example of custom at its finest. Have outdoor drapery questions? Let Designer Custom Source help!

Runway to Rooms: Converting Fashion Looks into Home Decor

Designer Custom Source is excited to add a new monthly Runway to Rooms segment to our DCS blog. Cushion blogger and a true fashionista herself, Laura Beth Hamm, will be sharing great fashion and color trends inspired by today’s fashion runways and how they translate into great room décor and styling ideas for the home. Now here’s Laura Beth!

Hello, everyone! The lovely ladies at Designer Custom Source have graciously allowed me to write a new guest feature! As a blogger for Cushion Source, the residential and sister site of DCS, I welcomed the opportunity with open arms! Both fashion and home décor are great passions of mine. Although you can often find me in t-shirts and shorts with a messy home, I do, however, enjoy researching and keeping up with the latest trends. Whether I apply trends to my style or not, I still find myself in admiration of style ingenuity and new takes on old classics. As visually-based realms, fashion and home décor are ever-changing, keeping them interesting and constantly engaging. And because these two are so similar, DCS blogger, Anita, came to me with a challenge to show readers how fashion looks can be converted to home décor. I was delighted!

While perusing one of my favorite inspirational sites, Houzz, I came across a few images that I fell in love with. These beautiful design photos just happened to coincide with some of the latest trends in fashion that I’d seen through Kate Spade’s latest runway show, as well as street style images that I’ve been cultivating via Pinterest. The images I’ve chosen are two completely different styles, further showing how to transfer fashion into décor no matter your taste.

Lately I’ve felt that yellow has taken a backseat to darker jewel-tone colors, i.e. Radiant Orchid and Emerald. While those respective colors are stunning, I wanted to focus on refreshing your living space with the splash of a warm springtime hue. As I looked through Fashion Week photos, I came across Kate Spade’s latest line. I was amused to find that she had drawn inspiration for her designs from something as simple as a lemon. Her pieces are timeless, but she always seems to find ways to update classic pieces with vivid patterns and colors. The lemon yellow hues and preppy design of her latest line perfectly corresponds with the style of the interior images. The two interior photos mimic the clean lines of the models’ pleated skirts: in the first photo, the designer used yellow and white geometric wallpaper to add drama to the dining room; in the second photo, the designer painted the geometric architecture  bright white to open the space. Like the lemon motif on the models’ clothing, these spaces also feature natural elements, such as the floral arrangement and outdoor view, to amplify the design. Both of these images feature classic décor that is sure to last.

The next look features a modern take on boho style. Of the two styles selected, this one is my favorite. I adore the updated ’70s look combined with natural elements in both my fashion and home styling. Borrowing from the model’s hat, skin tone, and hair color, as well as the leather clutch, I chose hues that coincide with those colors. I found two living room designs that have a mid-century modern edge that also feature the natural elements of the chosen fashion. I selected a leather-feel fabric paired with a neutral ikat print that combines all the colors of the model photo with the textures of living room furniture. The chenille fabric adds softness while the tweed gives a structured appearance – much like a business suit. These living room images feature clean lines that are broken up by the addition of comfortable lumbar pillows in accent colors, tying the room together. While this look may not be quite as timeless as the first, I found it much easier to transition the boho fashion style into home décor.

Exuding your fashion sense into home décor may or may not be an easy feat. However, in doing so, you give yourself the chance to express your style beyond the clothing you wear.

About the author:

Welcome Laura Beth our newest DCS Blog Contributor!

Welcome Laura Beth our newest DCS Blog Contributor!


Premier Prints Festive and Nautical Themed Fabrics for Spring

This spring break is one that many are looking forward to enjoying, especially after these treacherous winter months. Even though some may still be knee deep in snow, we want to offer you a bit of solace with our latest nautical, no-nonsense themed fabrics from Premier Prints. Premier Prints provides some of the most unique patterns and designs in the printed fabric market. Here are just a few that we’ve added to the nearly 200 offered on our online fabric tool.


Premier Prints

Premier Prints nautical themed fabric


I cannot deny that the beach is my favorite hot spot to vacation. There is a peace that only the ocean can provide. That’s why I was excited that our sister site Cushion Source, as well as Designer Custom Source, decided to take the plunge into more great indoor fabrics with outdoor nautical themes. These prints bring the gems of the oceans to your living space, making your home sunnier and brighter. And Premier Prints are anything but boring. They have a festive oceanic spirit that makes you want to move to the seaside. Sea Horse Premier Navy/Slub fabric (seen below) is just one of the many choices that Cushion Source and Designer Custom Source offer.


Sea Horse Premier Navy/Slub

Sea Horse Premier Navy/Slub


Premier Prints use cotton ducks and poly-cotton material in various weights, which make these fabrics great for cushions, bedding, draperies and pillows. Not only are they wonderful multipurpose fabrics, but they are inexpensive with the average cost running as low as $11 a yard, which is a small price to pay for a spectacular look. Isadella Salmon is a wonderful, vibrant print with a classic coral motif on this designer shirred bolster pillow.


Isadella Salmon Slub

Isadella Salmon Slub


Premier Prints have a whimsical spirit to their prints and show loads of personality. Pair fun, nautical prints that feature geometric twists of color like Fireworks Coastal/Macon and Gem Stone Coastal with more literal prints, and you’ll see how they bring a modern, updated edge to beach-inspired rooms.


Premier Prints

Premier Prints nautical themed fabrics


Get a taste of what we offer. Try our Scene 7 technology and see your cushions, pillows and draperies before you buy. Both our residential and our designer websites have the ability to transform any custom product with your unique selection of fabrics.


Scene 7 technology

Scene 7 technology works to help you visually see pattern sizing and fabric color on any of our custom products.

Custom Pillows Toss Maximum Color Splash to Outdoor Design

Toss a pillow or two, or even three, to help bring maximum color splash to outdoor and indoor spaces. There’s not much to it! Throw pillows have a way of adding that final accessory to a space. Just like an outfit that needs the perfect necklace or scarf to complete the look, throw pillows complete a space.

The beauty of Alys Beach in Florida brings lots of crisp, white backdrops and gorgeous ocean views. A perfect canvas for lots of color splash! These blue custom cushions with over-sized medallion and striped throw pillows are a paradise of hues that add visual warmth and a soft place to land.

Go retro with unique geometric and chevron patterns on your toss pillows for hippie chic styling. These pillows are statement pieces in this particular outdoor space. I love the touches of citrine with bold lines of black that match the window trim.

Adding sea glass green, striped fabric throw pillows to these wooden chaise lounges is a small price to pay for a stellar look. Another advantage to having throw pillows is that they are easy to replace in the off season. You don’t have to invest in new cushions every time the weather changes. A throw pillow can help your outdoor and indoor room stay on the cutting edge of style.

New Luxury Velvet Fabrics

What textile is unbelievably soft to the touch, rich in color and gives any room a well-to-do appearance? You guessed it – velvet. Rich velvet solids are the newest fabrics to arrive at Designer Custom Source. We talk a lot about patterns and prints, and rightfully so, but the fact remains that good, solid fabrics are hard to find. The beauty of velvet is the unique quality it provides to furnishings and soft goods. It has an amazing luxurious and expensive quality that not many fabrics can imply at first impression.

This tufted lounge chair is one of many examples. It’s covered in a glorious cobalt blue velvet, which instantly enhances the class of this room from good living to opulent.

The question I’ve always had is what is velvet made of? I know it’s been around for thousands of years and was the textile that represented nobility. This makes sense to me, but here’s what I also found via

Velvet can be made from any type of thread, although traditionally, it was made with silk, making it even more costly. In the modern era, cotton and synthetics have been used in the manufacture of velvet, and several related fabrics, such as velour, velveteen, and corduroy, have been invented for consumers on a budget. It has long been considered a luxury fabric because it requires more thread to manufacture than other fabrics, as well as multiple steps. Usually, velvet is woven as a double cloth on a specialized loom. The warp threads go through two pieces of cloth, instead of just one, and when the fabric is finished, a blade cuts the two pieces of fabric apart along the warp. Each piece of fabric must be taken up on a separate roll as it is cut. The resulting material is known as a ‘pile’ fabric because the thread sticks up, forming a soft pile.

Well, now we know!

This room makes my heart skip a beat. The slight introductions of velvet are heavenly. Velvet just pops with sheen that invites you to touch and feel in its wonderment.

Another dramatic way to use velvets is in draperies. We know that many may feel it is too heavy and bulky for window treatments in warmer climates, yet here’s a great example of one room that is as light and weightless as many summer and beach homes. The trick is adding the right mix of light and dark choices to a space.  The pink velvet combined with the soft walls and white furnishings really highlights the true beauty of these velvet drapes in this living space.
Stunning New Velvets from DCS

Stunning New Velvets from DCS

We have 35 amazing velvets that will please any finicky client.
Are you a designer? Visit us at Designer Custom Source and become one of our registered designers. You’ll be glad you did.

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