Seafaring, Fresh and Beautiful …New Al Fresco Fabrics

By Anita Winter ~ There are few fabrics that take your breath away, and our new – Made in the USA – spring additions of Al Fresco outdoor/indoor fabrics are no exception. Crisp, translucent and vibrant, these fabrics will make your outdoor and indoor living areas gleam with color and transcend you to a warm and balmy beach resort.

Al Fresco fabrics Photo by Melinda Merijanian

Beautiful Al Fresco Fabrics: (Top to Bottom) Denim Berry, Cabana Twill Berry, Denim Buttercream, Denim Beach Green and Denim Baltic
All Photos by Melinda Merijanian

These lovely solid fabrics are a mix of washed denim and vibrant pastels that will weather the elements. What makes Al Fresco deserving of its 3-year, no-fade warranty is that it is made of 100% high UV polyester, which is extremely durable; withstanding more than 117,000 double rubs. Try these oceanfront gems on outdoor or indoor cushions, draperies, and pillows for a flawless look.

Not everyone is familiar with sea beans. These are seeds and fruits that fall off trees that grow along tropical shores, which are then carried into the ocean where they drift with ocean currents and eventually wash ashore. This image below is a great illustration of the beauty and strength of Al Fresco fabrics. Just like the sea bean, Al Fresco fabrics can weather the storms of everyday life and still materialize into something better for your home. Below are Al Fresco Meridian Bark, Willow Birch, Meridian Birch, and Willow Snow. These textured, woven fabrics have an upholstery weight and feel to them and will serve your custom cushions very well.

Al fresco Fabrics with Sea Beans

New Al fresco Fabrics Willow and Meridian with Sea Beans

Al Fresco Cabana Striped fabrics are a true coastal necessity. Al Fresco Cabana Stripe Seafoam, Lime, Baltic,and French Blue are bold, nautical striped canvas fabrics of white and sea colored stripes. These will look amazing on outdoor draperies, umbrellas, and large custom pillows and cushions for seafaring charm.

New Al Fresco Fabrics with sea marbels

New Al Fresco Cabana Stripe fabrics with pretty sea glass marbles plucked from the ocean

If you are looking to vacation on an isle far far away, look no further. Al Fresco Bananarama will take you to the island of your dreams at just a glance.  Al Fresco Bananarama fabrics are a tropical inspired woven fabric with an outlined banana leaf motif  in canvas material. Add this coastal pattern to custom cushions, draperies or pillows for an even more lush feel to your sun room, patio, and other outdoor living areas.

Al fresco Bananarama fabrics with post cards

New Al Fresco Bananarama fabrics (starting from the top to the bottom: Bananarama Pongee, Lime, Baltic, Emerald and Earth)

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Runway to Rooms: Pantone’s Spring Duo – Strawberry Ice & Toasted Almond

By Anita Winter ~ 2015 Pantone spring colors are a combination of pretty pastel shades and rich hues like Marsala and Classic Blue. My inspiration for this week’s Runway to Rooms was this beautiful combination of Pantone’s Strawberry Ice and Toasted Almond. These subtle colors will look sophisticated and chic in living rooms and in your closet.

runway to rooms pantone polyvore board

Polyvore Board: Runway to Rooms – Strawberry Ice and toasted Almond

Our Newest addition to our fabrics is Al Fresco Denim Petal. This 100% UV High Polyester outdoor fabric has the long wear and durability of most outdoor fabrics, yet comes with a soft hand and delicate beauty of any indoor fabric. I paired this with our classic Sunbrella Antique Beige for a true stunner in homes.

Designer Sunburst pillow with Sunbrella Beige and Al Fresco Denim Petal

The bench cushion is one of the most versatile soft goods you can ever put in your home. They will look great in a window  seat areas of your living room, on a breakfast nook in a kitchen or on top of a bench or chest in a bedroom. This time we chose Al Fresco Denim Petal as the trim and buttons on this bay window seat trapezoid cushion while our Sunbrella Antique Beige is the main act. Either way you choose, this pairing is so lovely.

Sunbrella Heather Beige and Al Fresco Denim Petal

Bay Window Seat Cushion made with Sunbrella Heather Beige and Al Fresco Denim Petal

This Tri Panel bolster pillow is made with Sunbrella Palatine Papyrus on the ends and Al Fresco Denim Petal in the center and trim. Bolsters will look amazing on sofas, wing-back chairs, beds and window seats. Add more interest by selecting textured fabrics such as this Sunbrella Palatine papyrus to give depth to your indoor and outdoor rooms.

bolster pillow made with Al Fresco Denim Petal and Sunbrella Palatine Papyrus

Tri Panel Bolster pillow made with Al Fresco Denim Petal and Sunbrella Palatine Papyrus

If you love my Runway to Rooms Board, visit My Polyvore Board and take a closer look at these items!

How to Become an Upcycle Junky

By Anita Winter ~ Call it a personality trait, an addiction or simply a person that loves a good makeover, an upcycle junky has the ability to look at the broken, ugly, cracked and worn objects in the world and have enough imagination to create and restore it into a masterpiece worthy of display and function. We all have this quality lurking within us. Some may have to search a little deeper and be taught that not every old piece of furniture and dilapidated door has to live an ugly and useless existence.

Everitt & Schilling Tile Co. use reclaimed barn wood and up-cycled hardwood to make stylish Eco-friendly wood tile.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

The number one rule to becoming a great upcycler is to always see the potential in items that may not look so appealing. For example, Visions by Bobette created this beautiful wall art by cutting off the legs and restoring the top of an old wooden table which she found in a garage sale for $75. Although this table could have been salvaged and restored into the table it once was, she chose to look at it in a whole new way. What a stunning and beautiful hanging wall of art! Seeing the possibilities of a simple table top is thinking outside of the box.

Fabrics and Paint are our Friends

Go to second hand stores, flea markets and consignment shops to scrounge around, this will allow you to look at old items from the past and re-imagine them as they were in their time period. But upcycling goes a step further. It brings a piece from the past and makes it either into an entirely new look or a more modern fresh updated styling of what it originally was. This Art Deco find from Shoofly Design was pressed in silver leaf to give it a shiny and metallic treatment to the wood frame. If that wasn’t modern enough, the fabric addition of Robert Allen Vintage Blossom Jade brings a newness to the chair that is very charming. So when you shop, look for furnishings that can be given a new vision in the present. Simple paint and re-upholstery work will make a huge difference on updating an item and giving it new life.

Seeing Everyday Items as Treasure
Thinking outside the box is key to becoming an upcycle junky. This may come easy for some of you that hate to throw anything away. When you look at everyday items around your home it may be difficult to see them functioning as anything more than what they were created for. Lose this thinking! Glass, tin, and metal objects have staying power and can be manipulated to become whatever you dream up. So utilize their potential.
True tree huggers would love to spare the planet from ever growing landfills and pollution. That’s why there are many artist and designers utilizing unique and special pieces in their rooms to not only show their support for mother earth but to bring an eclectic and unique vibe to a room. This beautiful light was made out of a simple colander. The light casts a beautiful kaleidoscope of shimmering stars that certainly sets the mood.
These Asian table lamps are chic and crafty. The elegant decorated tin canister was a great choice for the base of these lamps. A perfect way to add beauty and save the planet! Now get upcycling!

How to Freshen Up Your Living Areas with Color

By Anita Winter ~ For some, spring cleaning comes naturally as the weather warms up. Our homes may have hints of winter’s left overs in way of heavy drapes, dark rugs and dreary weather but nobody wants to live in a dull living room as spring and summer approaches. A splash of color on walls, accessories and furnishings are where to begin. Color is key to brightening and freshening up your homes.

Paint Walls

The number one way to change a room in an instant is to paint the walls. This room has a sunny yellow paint called “orangery” by Farrow and Ball. It adds a joyful and warm hue that plain white could not compete with. The great thing about paint is whether you love rich saturated colors or airy and light, you don’t have to be locked into one color choice the rest of your life.
 Color Up Furnishings
 A neutral pallet is a great canvas to rooms that need a fresh outlook. But neutral doesn’t necessarily mean only beige and white. Try thinking of colorful furnishings that can take the place of a traditional neutral. Take grey for instant. This grey accent wall takes this neutral space of stark white and gives it some great eye appeal. Not to mention the hints of chartreuse, black and teal pillows on the white couches. Remember that the elements of neutrals don’t always have to match a sandy beach or burlap. Try using color as your back drop and let the neutrals be the accent colors.
Accessories Will Do the Trick
 Accessories will always do the trick if you are just too afraid of color. Let your options be open to buying pillows, draperies or other items that will allow some life into the room. This living room has a small hint of color yet without it, it would feel so sterile and cold. Kudos to the designer for bringing is these beautiful lemon covered armchairs. The yellow gives an amazing punch to this room.

My Polyvore Wish List Wednesday: Get Outdoor Ready!

By Anita Winter ~ This weeks Wednesday wish list is all about your outdoor areas. If you don’t have spring fever by now, you’re not alive. It’s time to start thinking about dressing up your outdoor rooms with fun colorful cushions, pillows and much more!

Outdoor cushions, pillows

Get Outdoor Ready with Outdoor cushions, pillows and outdoor furnishings


Start off with this Palecek Spa Daybed which will add the much needed relaxation you deserve. Accessories that add pop to your space is a must this spring and summer, and these are no exception. I went with a color theme of corals, reds and aqua for a beachy vibe to this polyvore creation.

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