Add Color and Textured Fabric Themes this Christmas

The beauty of fabric is the unique texture, color and feel each provides to a space. From soft velvets and fur, to iridescent silks and shined linen. There are so many wonderful fabrics available to add interest and eye-popping appeal to the home this holiday season.

It’s amazing how color and textures can immediately transcend your mind to a particular  place and time. For me, some of my favorite memories were being at the beach during the summer and winter season. Some of the colors that automatically come to mind are those cool rich teal blue waters and wintery white beaches with hints of sea grass greens barely touching the surface of the water. This holiday season, decorate with the intention of creating a room that transcends you and your guests to another time and place.

Seaside Crystal Blues

Creating a look of the sea with warmth involves great combinations of calm colors with lovely textured fabrics, which give the idea of shells, sand and sea. I’ve taken all three of these into consideration for this ensemble. Highland Taylor Silk Jiuzhai (turquoise pillow) with Robert Allen Tweedy Natural Black matched with the silvery Highland Taylor Raised Wood Grain (on cushion) is a good translation of a wintery beach wonderland.

textured fabric from designer custom source

Color and textures of the sea.

Don’t forget to add the crystal sparkle of the water with crystal sprays and silver ornaments. The soft Microfiber Velvet Skyline just adds another dimension of sky blue. Not to mention the reflective quality of Robert Allen Mosaic Petal Sterling, which mimics the iridescence of a abalone shell glistening in the sunlight.

designer custom source fabrics

Microfiber Velvet Skyline mixed with sterling silver finishes.

Robert Allen Alchemy Linen (below the turquoise pillow) in shades of steel and patina are made with the natural qualities of linen touched with shine. And we can’t forget Robert Allen Coral Cove. This fabric is such a beauty. The soft etching of a coral reef looks so perfect in this seaside setting.

seaside christmas pallet

A beautiful seaside Christmas pallet.

A great combination this holiday season!

dcs fabric textures

Seaside crystal blues.

Bronzed and Gold Beauties

If you are still not convinced of the wintery seaside combination, try some bronze and gold beauties that whisk you away to a rocky mountain-themed Christmas to spice up your holiday decor. In keeping with the textured theme, try adding more damask and jacquard fabrics to the mix. I simply added this pretty Robert Allen North Haven Sand fabric with the glowing attractiveness of the Alchemy linens in Copper, Penny and Zinc. A great reminder for me were the amazing bronze and rust colored mountain ranges as we would drive through the Arizona desert as a teenager. It was always breathtaking.

bronze and fur

Gold and bronze.

Fur is back on trend. It creates a real image of coziness that no other fabric can convey. The sandy white beaver faux fur reminds me of the blankets of snow on the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, while the raccoon faux fur lumbar pillow has all the wildness of a real raccoon yet with a gentle feel. Add these soft touches of fur to a family room during the holiday season for luxury and playfulness. What adult or child wouldn’t want to snuggle up to a fire either lying on a gorgeous fur pillow or wrapped in it?

bronze and fur fabrics

Furs mix well with a cozy holiday season.

However you choose to decorate your home this season, remember to make it memorable for yourself and your guests.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Designer Custom Source!

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